I Love Pie Bakeshop

Everybody Loves Pie!

Without you this would not have been possible!

 Thank you to the following people for donating to our Kickstarter campaign in our efforts to get our brick and mortar shop up and running. I am forever grateful.  

Yolanda and Carlos Rosas
Karina Rosas

Cheryl Caudill

Nicola Hil

Lorrie Gardner

Megan Ellis

Erin Dacayanan

Joseph and Wendy Shockley

Tori Karpinski

Christian Michel Navarro

Minna Tran

Daniel and Atphinya Caudill

Jen Teykaerts

Vicky Hockett

Terry Nawara and Kelle Williams

Lesley Morse

Ashley Johnson

Christine Ward

Sara Brookes

Nancy Mata

Sheila Red

Tom Slankard

Laura Huggins

Lanni Tariq

Jan and James Bennett